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Gudi Padva
Shri Shaneshwar Devasthan Shanishingnapur

'Chaitra Shukla Pratipada' or the first day of the Indian Calender is the good day out of 3 and ½ good days. So, devotees seeking relief from their woes, seek the 'darshan' of God on this day. Here, the festival begins on this day. So, the shops wear a festive look on this day. 'Ganga Jal'( Gangodak, the confluence of Pravara and Godavari rivers) is brought by the devotees of the village in pots. Those who bring the 'Ganga Jal' are people who ask something from God and taken some vows for it. At least one person from every household participates in this festival. The place of the confluence is about 42 kms from Shingnapur. The 'Ganga Jal' is brought on bare foot.

After bringing the Ganga Jal, the people stop outside the village. Next morning, they collect gain and with the flag and chanting the devotees are brought into the village. Then God Shani is bathed in the 'Ganga Jal'. During this stage, no other devotees are allowed near the foundation. After this, those seeking vows present the 'prasdadam' to other devotees.