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Important Notices

  • Upon entering here, for guidance, the welcome room (reception) is available.
  • The ‘devasthan’ is open for 24 hours.
  • If your financial condition is sound, then you may purchase items of worship worth about 10 to 20 Rupees, or just folding the hands and bowing in prayer is enough. The bathroom for bathing before going on to the foundation of the shrine is available. And ‘pancha’(the cloth to be worn for worship) is available with the vendors giving the ‘pooja items.
  • Here, there is no compulsion about doing any ‘pooja’-‘archan’.
  • Upon coming here, enquires about the staying arrangements for devotees can be done at the office. Only on being satisfied, one enter one’s name. The cost of a cleaned room of 3 beds for 24 hours is Rs. 100/-. In the general room, if you have your own bed then it is free. Otherwise, a sum of Rs. 10/- for mattress and Rs. 5 for the blanket is charged. There is parking arrangement for vehicles. There si very good arrangement for ‘darshan’ and ‘prasadam’.
  • ‘Prasadalaya’- In the morning from 10.30 to 3.00 and in the evening from 6.00 to 9.00, coupons of Rs.10/-per head are available.
  • Thefts do not occur here. So there is no need to worry about it.
  • One may pay a minimum of Rs. 11/- for ‘abhishek.’
  • The mass ‘Mahaarti’ of God Shani is held early in the morning at 4.30 A.M. and after sunset at 6.30. P.M.
  • Other than the ‘devasthan’s office, where you must obtain a receipt for the money for anything, please do not give any money to anyone else.
  • For donations there is a hundi and a box within the premises of the temple.
  • There is an arrangement for men only, for the purpose of bathing and dressing in wet clothes to go for the ‘darshan’ of the deity, and women can get a ‘darshan’ from the foundation itself.
  • For the medical care of the devotees, there is a hospital ‘Shani Devata Hospital.’
  • While coming out of the bathroom, it is advisable that one should remember to take care of one’s valuables like watch and gold chain.
  • Your suggestions are welcome. Or, if there are any complaints, they may be given in writing with name and pin code address. They will be taken and followed up.
  • If any devotee wants to donate anything to the ‘devasthan’ by post, then they may send the same in the name of the ‘devasthan’ only by money-order, crossed cheque, demand-draft or postal order. Money will not be accepted.
  • From the Shani devasthan, the books which have been published, the photos, cassettes and ‘prasad’ of God Shani are available at the reception at a minimal rate.
  • In respect of God Shani, if anybody has any queries, they may ask them at our office. There is no need to ask or argue about these with anyone, outside.
  • Pretending to be guides, you may meet some unauthorized people alluring you with sweet talk in the parking lot. Please do not trust them or talk to them. If you buy any pooja items from them, you alone will be responsible for the same and not the ‘devasthan’. If you need any help, please contact the Manager.
  • Shri Saneshchar’s self-appeared idol in Shanishingnapur is the only one. And there is a mutt in Pandarpur.
  • For giving donations to ShriShani Dev devasthan, one will be given I.T. form 80G.
  • There is no facility for breaking the coconut other than at the main gate.
  • For the ‘darsahn’ of God Shani, men who have bathed and dressed in wet ‘pancha’(the cloth to be worn for worship) there is a separate row. For those who are dressed in normal cloth, there is another separate row.
  • The poojas and ‘ sevas’ like ‘Poojan-archan’, ‘Abhishek’, ‘Satyanarayan’, ‘Annadaan’ and ‘Bhandara’ etc are available here.
  • If any artiste wants to display or offer his art to God Shani at the Shaneshchar temple’s ground, do ‘Annadaan’ or ‘Bhandara’ etc. then, it is necessary to take the permission of the office of the ‘devasthan’.
  • Address:
    Address : Shri shanaishwar devasthan Shanishingnapur, Sonai.
    Dist. Ahamadnagar Pin. 414 105.
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