1) The father of God Shani God Sun.
2) The mother of God Shani Chaya Devi-Suvarna.
3) The brother of God Shani Yamaraj.
4) The sister of God Shani Yamunadevi.
5) The guru of God Shani God Shiva.
6) The place of birth Saurashtra, Gujarat.
7) Gotra Kashyap.
8) Colour Dark.
9) Nature Sacrificing, worshipping-gaze,angry, serious,
clea –worded,lonely, justice loving etc.
10) Friend Hanuman, Kaala Bhairav, Balaji.
11) Other names Chayasuta, Suryaputra, Kokanastha,
Pingalo, Babhru, Raudrantak, Sauri,
Shaneshchar, Krushnamand, Krushno etc.
12) Friendly planet Jupiter, Venus, Rahu and Mercury.
13) Friendly Rasi Gemini, Virgo, Libra and Taurus.
14) Dear Rasi Sagittarius and Capricorn.
15) Dear Star Pushya, Anuradha, Uttara, Bhadrapada.
16) The high Rasi of God Shani Libra
17) The low Rasi of God Shani Aries.
18) The area of God Shani Petroleum, iron, steel, business, press,
medical, factories, coal, leather, court,
transportation etc.

The greatness and glory of God Shani

  • Pray to God Shani even in the happy moments of your life.
  • Get a ‘darshan’ of God Shani in the bad periods of your life.
  • Even in the times of trouble and agony, pray to God Shani.
  • Have faith in God Shani in your bad times also.
  • Express gratitude to God Shani at every moment of your life.
In the above 5 tenets, Shri. Ghule has summed up his life and his devotion to God Shani and also has shoed us the way.

In one place, I have called God Shani a Jugde and once, a real situation came up. Near Gandhinagar in Gujarat, there is a rural place called Rupal. There, in an annual function, at once, 25000 kilos of ghee are offered in prayer. This in itself is a record. The next day, this was thrown on the road for poor people to use in their food. Based on this, some social activists sought a stay order. On the 1st October 2003, the Ahmedabad High Court decreed that ‘ Just as in Maharashta’s Shanishingnpur’s ‘devasthan’, the immeasurable oil which is offered and is given in tender to soap factories, in return of 30 lakhs worth of charity to devotees and development of the ‘devasthan’, similarly the 25000 kilos of ghee, collected from the 27 rural sources should be put to the benefit of the needy people’.

The beauty of the description of Ramarajya in Goswami Tulsidas’s Ramacharitmanas, as in ‘Tretayug’ is seen in Shanishingnapur too. ‘There is abundance of everything and happiness. The town of Ayodhya is filled with bejeweled palaces. Houses are glowing the lamps of gems. Here, no one is poor, unhappy or miserable. All around there is beauty and purity. All the inhabitants of Ayodhya are healthy and beautiful. Colourful gardens with flower trees abound. And the roads are akin to heaven.’

Reverent Greetings

From childhood I kept hearing that God Shani gives suffering to people. That he is a source of troubles, heartless, hard-hearted, fearful and so on. I used to listen to the opinions of others and would be crestfallen and wonder if this was all true? Whom we regard as God and pray to him, why would he be giving troubles to anybody? I kept seeing such incidents and situations but it was my firm belief that God Shani was not like this. What is needed for this is courage, seriousness and patience.

There was a worry and misery in my family. My brother-in-law was of Kavi village of Jambusar’s Taluk of Gujarat’s Baruch district, which is on the sea coast. He became a victim of the politics of that place. He was sent out of the job from there. There were four people in the family. There was everything but it turned to nothing. All were worried and troubled. All tried hard but for three years continuously, nothing happened good happened. My sister and brother-in-law and their children were wandering from pillar to post. Shrimati Heeraben and Saheb Rao were helpless. In Jan 2004, I came to Shanishingnapur and prayed to God Shani. The miracle that happened was that from 2nd February, I was inspired to write the ‘granth’. And there, in Baruch district the police official gave them justice and took them on jobs from 3rd February. And I realized that this miracle was only of God Shani.