There is God, but no temple.
There is a home, but no door.
There is a tree, but no shade.
There is fear, but no enemy.

1.There is God, but no temple

God Shani of Shanishingnapur is so great that he does not want to live in the shadow of anything. Therefore, there is no roof above the divine idol of God Shani. Thus, to protect nature itself and to destroy evil demons, God has taken so many incarnations. And God has done so to protect his devotees. In Shingnapur, this only is the incarnation of God Shani. God Shani is omnipresent here. Whether it is a time of rain, sun, cold or storm, without a roof, God Shani stands here all thetime by day and night and protects the people and visitors of Shingnapur. Thus, the devotees, sleep peacefully. Whenever the elderly or young devotees here tried their best to build a roof, they did not succeed. And whenever someone tried, they faced some loss or the other. Therefore, God Shani gives ‘darshan’ to his devotees at all the times. There is no temple there and there is no door. Thus, this place of worship is open all the time. In my opinion, this is only place of its kind in India.

Whenever I had a discussion with the people of Shingnapur, they said that God Shani came in their dreams and told them that he did not need any roof at all. Seeing the atmosphere here, it seems like there is a place of worship with the divine presence.
But there is no aspect here which beautifies the temple. The Gods in other various parts of India have temples, but here, there is no exclusive temple for God Shani. Perhaps, it is for the divine purpose of protecting and helping his devotees that God Shani is open to all. Therefore they say that here, there is God but no temple.

2. There is a home, but no door

A home is necessary for our happiness and prosperity. We install a door to such a house and sleep without a care. Or, for personal walks of our life, we put up doors. But in Shingnapur, there are homes but no doors. Not in India alone, but all over the world, one
will not find a place like Shanishingnapur where houses have no doors. Now, where there are no doors and windows, there is no question of locks and latches. Whether inside their homes or in their fields, the belomgimgs of the people here are always in the open. There are no almirahs, no suitcases or boxes in the homes of people here. Just as their homes have no doors, their minds also have no doors and are always open. The doors of their minds are always open to guests. Day by day, in this modern world, man is becoming self-centred. He is building wall upon wall and compound upon wall and yet he has no peace. But Shanishingnapur is one such place in the world, where to solve the problems of all sorts of all kinds of the world, there is a more admirable power than the U.N.O. too.

Thus, by the grace of God Shani, nobody installs door to their houses here. So, anybody who violates the dictates of the place and wishes to live on his own terms, he will have to face the consequences. So in Shingnapur and over 16 square kilometers around it, 160 hectares of area have houses with no doors and windows. Only to keep dogs and cats at bay, boxes are kept. Or, curtains are hung. The village is small but because of its divine ambience, it is considered big. The houses of the relatively well off people are made of stone, bricks and cement. But there are no doors. But the commendable aspect is here there is no flats system. All the commendable things of the houses here are from the blessings of God Shani.

3.There is a tree, but no shade

It is true that in the northern direction of God Shani’s idol, there was a neem tree. ( This was pulled down about 10 to 12 years back.) Many devotees and elders who witnessed it say that when the brances of this tree would grow so long as to come over the idol. The branches would get burnt to ashes. Or, they would break and fall to the ground. But the special thing about it was that as a result of the branches burning or breaking down, nobody suffered in any way or incurred any loss. But the shade of the tree never came on the idol. Therefore it is considered strange that in the realm of nature, there is a tree in this neighbourhood, but no shade.

About 20 to 30 years back, there occurred a miracle here. Lightening struck this neem tree, at a time when there was a marriage procession next to it. Though no harm came to anyone there, the tree was burnt to its roots. The tree burnt for 12 hours. All out efforts were made and the fire was put out. But the strange thing was that on the very next day, the tree was lush and full of greenery. Normally, anything would have been reduced to black cindered in that fire, but by this Divine providence, it was not to be. Therefore, the people here believe that God Shani is the all powerful and ever present Divine force. Therefore the people here say that there is a tree but no shade.

4. There is fear, but no enemy

In the fourth legend, God Shani has been described in very special way. Which means, how unfortunate it is that, upon baseless fears, God Shani has been misrepresented and misunderstood as our enemy. But I can say with conviction that God Shani is not our enemy but our friend. It has been commonly misinterpreted from the normal scriptures that because of Sade Saathi, people come into pain, suffering, losses, unhappiness, ill-luck, gambling and a whole host of bad things. But this can be true from only one reason; as one sows one will reap. As per the laws of nature, if one does selfish wrongs, one will pay the price for it.

Being engulfed in acute silence, loneliness, depression, hopelessness and bad thoughts and being non-communicative with others are all a state of out minds. What fault of God Shani is there in it? In reality, he is not our enemy but our friend. Among ordinary people’s view, it is viewed as a wicked planet which destroys us. But, Pandit Shyam Sunder Lal Vatsa has done extensive research to prove that planet Shani bestow a lot more good effects than most other favourable planets. It is true that in our minds lurk the fear of God Shani. But when? Only when we do bad deeds. Otherwise, he is our friend.

A friend who leads us on with good advice. One should not indulge in theft, robbery, bad thoughts, debauchery, bad habits and falsehood. If one goes astray, God Shani will punish accordingly. If he is pleased with the individual, he will bless with prosperity, wealth, fame and makes the life happy. Therefore, he is our friend and not our enemy.

What role has God Shani in our deeds? In our life after life, age after age and our thoughts and deeds we must suffer our penalties and cleanses ourselves with prayers.

It is because of fear, people do not keep the photos or any thing else about God Shani in their homes. And to blame God Shani for their own misdeeds has become a habit. But the truth is that because of our bad deeds, we blame God Shani. But he is not our enemy. Fear is always associated with the enemy. And an enemy never does us any good. But God Shnai does good for his devotees. Therefore, it is strange that we are fearful when we make mistakes. But he is not an enemy. Based on the vivid experiences of many devotees, it is seen that God Shani is not our enemy but our friend.