Remember that God Shani is the judge of our thoughts. In this society, whenever people become preys to lust, anger and greed and spoil their purity and with full awareness commit sins, injustice and crimes on others all around them and while hiding in such darkness they commit such sinful deeds, they are mistaken that whatever deeds they are doing is not being watched by anybody. And then by doing so, people begin to believe that God is pleased with them and in such a state of vanity and ego, they begin tom believe that they are everything. They begin to feel that there is no God and they are God himself. Thus, to make such people repent for their follies, and to purify them God Shani punishes them. So Sade Saathi starts, God Shani becomes the Judge and after punishes the person and purifies him. Firstly, remember that God Shani has a delicate gaze. Secondly, he gives the fruits of one’s ‘Karma’. Thirdly, whatever a person does, God Shani grants him the results accordingly. God Shani gives proportionate happiness and unhappiness to people based on their ‘Karma’.