In this age of internet and computers, the appearing of God himself is uncommon. There is lesser truth and more of false facades in this age. Then who will tryst anyone? But for the devotees at Shingnapur, their faith in divine experience, miracles, fulfillment of wishes etc has increased. The number of devotees is increasing. Sometimes, the number of devotees reaches 1 lakh. People from all over the world and India are coming for ‘darshan’ here.

At ShriShanishingnapur, after coming here, the desire and faith in prayers and abhishek becomes strong. Thus, from the ‘devasthan’ here are many arrangements for ‘abhishek’ for all the devotees who wish to perform them. Here, devotees get their ‘kundaliyag’, prayers and remedy for Sade Saathi.

They pray 1/10 ‘japas’ to perform ‘hawan yag.’ Jap’is done here by the name, ‘gotra’, and ‘sankalp’. There are two main kinds of ‘Jap’ here. 1st is 23, 000 mantras. The 2nd is 92,000 mantras.

Here the devotees have a choice of their own desire whether they want a remedy for their Sade Saathi, suffering from bad planets and the trouble from Shani to end these troubles or not. They can decide in their own hearts whether they wish to or not without any compulsion from the ‘devasthan’ or any priest.