There are different Gods for the 12 ‘Rasi’s. Praying to the particular God of a Rasi gives better fruits. Similarly, there are different Gods for different lagans. The layman cannot decide which god to pray for which Rasi and which Lagna. Therefore, he does not obtain the desired results. Thus, there is abundant knowledge in astrology to give help for making certainty out of uncertainty. Hence, based on a person’s Lagna and Rasi, a person can pray to his dear God with devotion.

At a glance:

No. Rashi Rashi Dev/devatha Rashi prathyadi Devatha
1. Aries Mangal Sri.Ganapa,Hanuman
2. Taurus Venus Kulaswamini Laxmi Mata
3. Gemini Mercury Kuber, Durga Devi.
4. Cancer Moon God Shiva.
5. Leo Sun Sun and Bramha..
6. Virgo Mercury Kuber, Durga Devi.
7. Libra Venus Kula Swamini.
8. Scorpio Mangal Shri Ganapati and Hanuman.
9. Sagittarius Jupiter Dattatreya.
10. Capricorn Satern God Shani and Hanuman.
11. Aquarius Satern God Shani and Hanuman.
12. Pisces Jupiter Brihaspati Shri.