“In the lives of people, sorrows and happiness come and go. But they are all encased in a mystery. Therefore, in this binding of nature, astrology and spiritualism have their own prime place of importance. In this era of computers and internet, the predictions and knowledge of Indian astrologer have been fulfilled and are being perpetuated the world over. Today, in America, Indian spiritualism and astrology have cast a spell over people, far and wide. In these days of a mad rush, people do not find mental peace. Today, despite our lives being complete with all the modern day amenities, there is so much of strife, tension, illness, disasters, doubt and such other evils abound. There are so many screams of agony all around us, all the time. By rising above all this, man is trying to reach out to God Shani. Why?

In India, just as with reference to God Shani, the ancient legends are famous, similarly, in European literature various stories abound. In Italy, God Shani is revered and worshipped as Saturn. Ancient Romans and the Greeks know and revere him as Cronus. Saturn or Cronus have a lot of stories and miracles popular about him. They also have situations like us, so it is called as ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’.

Just as material progress is increasing, restlessness is increasing in life. Therefore, as much as our actions (Karma) are pure and better, that much will we experience the better fruits of our actions. This is a permanent truth that our bodies are made up of five elements. So we are influenced by these elements. And these planets control our lives.

At Shanishingnapur, because of the holy atmosphere there, there have been many fortunate Divine appearances of God Shani himself. I am a devotee of God Shani. I do regularly offer my prayers and observe fasting. It is from God Shani’s divine direction, that I wrote this book. In this book related to God Shani, there are stories, the history, its place in Shanishingnapur and the world. Also, the truth of the self-appeared statue and its direction, the importance of Sade Saathi and its cures and the special aspects of God Shani. Also, the worship of God Shani and how it should be done in terms of one’s planetary chart. The festival of God Shani shows surprisingly peaceful aspects of the ‘Devalaya’ and ‘Mannat’ that devotees pray. For example, how Shanishingnapur’s importance reveals itself and its fame the world over. Also, Udasi Baba, Bhavu Banakar and other important notices are there in this book. Please read it and experience its usefulness.”
Prof. Dr. Bapu Rao Desai.