Sonaika Renukaa darbaar temple in Ahamadnagar – Aurangabad national high way road. And it is about 3 kms from Sonai Gram. Sonai means in Marati or Hindi language, gold. Shri Macheendranathji has dropped a solid piece of gold on this land and as such the same name remained and become popular as Sonai. The main diety of the temple is Renukamatha is another form or avathar of Shri Parvathimatha.And this Renukamatha and is swaymbhoo.The whole temple complex is built by the expert sculputures from Rajasthan by using the shank metal.

The present temple complex and the sanctum sanctorum were built on Kartheeka Shudha Asttami 1854. Actually in the present temple Devi Shri Renukamba was installed in the year 1954 by Swamy Hans theerth Anna Maharaj’s amruth hasth. Sakshat Adi Shakthiswaroopini Bhaghawathi Renuka Devi came to light by Swayambhu. The temple rajagopuram is visible with shining just like gold on the royal road of Nevasa District. This devi temple is in the shape of Om letter, in the entire world this type of temple is only one of its structure and architect. Along with Devi Renukamba other devi and devatha idols are also installed in the same temple complex. Amongst them the more interesting are Shri jala devi, Shri Naga devi, Kalabhyrawa, Sapthayoginees, Shri Dattathreya, Awadhumbar, Shri Chayadevi and so on. At the entrance to the temple about 8feet hight Shri Durga Devi temple which was installed in the year 1991. In this holy temple every year sixty three Car festivals performed. For all the deities in this temple every day Panchamruth Abhishek, special pooja, naivedyam and arathis’ are performed regularly. And also bhajans, sankeerthans, music, poojas are continuously throughout the day are going on without inturruption. The music and samskrit and Vedic classes are also conducted throughout the year. The Vedic discourses, lectures conducted regularly. Apart from those the other important ones are, Sath Chandi yajn, Panchkundi yag, Vishnu yag, Bhaghawath Sapthah, Geetha Yag, Shiv Yag, Gayathri Yag, Ganesh Chandi Yag, Chaturmas Yag, Sahasrachandi Yag, Shri Dattathrey Yag, Lakshchandi Yag, Athirudr Homa is the concluding function or pooja to devi.