By the grace of God Shani, should you come to Shanishingnapur and see the idol, you’ll feel that this is not an ordinary idol but an self-appeared idol. About how this 16″ 6″ feet tall and 16″ 6″ feet wide idol came here has a true story to it.

Where today stands the idol of God Shani, there used to be a housing settlement with 32 huts. About 350 years ago, God himself appeared here. Since then, he has remained here itself. In those days, there wasn’t so much population or progress there. There were not that many roads, vehicles amenities etc of modern day life. There were a lot of trees and grasslands here. Nearby, there was a lot of filth, plants and fields. Today, for the comfort of devotees there are tar roads, staying places and food arrangements which were lacking in those days. Now, with the co-operation of the villagers and the Trust made with God Shani’s devotees, the Government has supported the village and a lot of activity can be seen.