This is ‘Kalyug’ (modern times). These modern times are filled with sin and un-chastity. And in this unchaste era, people are chasing the amenities like internet, television, airplanes, trains, computers and so on in pursuit of happiness breathlessly. Remember that, happiness and peace are going further and further away from man. In this melee, people say that God Shani is troubling us. But why? Do they think that God has nothing better to do? Has he enmity with everybody? Is God Shani an enemy? But it is honest opinion that Shani is concerned about all beings in the world, no friendship with anyone, no enmity with anyone.

People are more scared of God Shani than the punishment he gives. What happens is that people die more from the fear of death than from death itself. And God Shani is more easily pleased than people believe. The devotion of God Shani solves all the problems pertaining to the body, family, society, mind, finances and occupation. People have taken the name of God Shani to scare others, but very little has been done to dispel that fear.