Primarily, almost all people here in this village are descendants of Maharaja Chatrapati Shivaji and they are normally known by the names of Darandale, Bankar, Shete and Borrude. People by other names and castes are very few. The village itself is small but famous for its name. Houses without doors and windows in the village and the fields are many. The people of these four families have become relatives by marriages among the children in their families.

This village adores and celebrates many ancient customs, rituals and festivals with gusto and happiness. Since there are good roads, a lot of people come and go from here by buses, cars and autorichshaws. The people of this village are not victims of bad habits. There are no signs of liquor, gambling and non-vegetarianism. By the grace of God Shani, the people here are God fearing, religious, honest and trustworthy. Here, not once has a theft occurred. The homes here have no doors and windows. Therefore, the windows of their minds are always open. They are very hospitable to guests.

In this village of saints, God Shani is the lord and God of everybody and every thing. It is believed here that one reaps one sows and one gets the fruit of one’s actions immediately. Some of the things that are almost not at all used here are windows, door stoppers, chains, suitcases, latches, locks and the like. Because, it is believed here that it is the wish of God Shani himself that locks should not be used. Because the people believe that the protection of their homes and the village is rested with God Shani. They believe that God Shani himself says, ” You live with total peace of mind all day inside your house and outside. Nothing bad will happen to you. I’ll protect you and your homes.”

It is on the advice of God Shani that doors, windows and locks are not used here. As a result, this village is viewed differently by different people, worldwide. However, elsewhere there is so much of theft in the world. There are locks on locks used. Yet thieves continues with theft. And nobody is happy. But in Shanishingnapur, since many years homes have no doors and locks and are kept open all day and night. Yet not a single thief has committed a theft. Generations in this village have witnessed this for years.

I went to meet a lot of people in their homes, their lanes, fields and hutments and found that the people, men and women, young and old, are living in harmony and happiness. They come together in Indian festivals and celebrations and take part with a lot of harmony and feeling. Whatever happens here, happens with the blessings and the people’s faith in God Shani. If at all, any ill-fortune, hurt, illness, and natural loss occurred here, these also are regarded as having occurred by the will of God Shani. They view as God sent penalty and punishment. If any sinner commits any sin here, God Shani is known to punish him. If any thing is taken away by any person or a devotee by mistake, for example any clothes, bedding, bag etc., by the miracle of God Shani, they have been known to come back and return them or send them by post or courier. And after that they experience, inner peace and happiness. So now, the thought will cross your minds as to how God Shani himself came into this village?