• Shri Gajanana
    Shri Gajanana is the symbol and destroyer of all evil spirits and protector; Shri Gajanana idol was installed towards the eastern side of Shrishanidev under H.Bh.P.Shri Kirthankar’s direction.
  • Mandir of vividha devathas’
    In the year 1990 on the western side of Shrishanidev, Vittal-Rukmini, Shrikrishn, Sant Jnaneswar, SantTukaram, Datta Gurudev, Sant Udasi Baba, etc; devathas’and sants idols were installed.
  • Shri Gram devatha Lakshmimatha
    Gram Devatha Lakshmimathas’ a small temple / mandir facing northern side towards east of Shrishanidev was there even prior to the installation / prathisttan of Shrishanidev.
  • Shri Datta Mandir
    About 1ft 9 inches murthy of Shri Datta Gurdev facing western side towards eastern side of Shrishanidev was installed in the year 1973. The whole expenses towards installation and construction temple was borne by the villagers by raising the funds among themselves. Though the idol is so small the sculpture it exhibits has shown his skillfulness in carving it.
  • Kailasapathi Shri Shankar
    Under the direction of Shri.Bansi Baba Thambe of Nevasa Taluk 29inches Shankarji idol pranaprathistapan was established. Around the neck of Shankarji sarpantain is there with raised hood over the head, in the right hand thrishool and the matha Ganga water is coming out from His jata. The Shankarji mandir is located near Shri Datta Mandir. The sculpture of the Shankarji idol is of Jaipur carving.
  • Vaikuntapathi Shri Vishnudev
    According to wishes of large number of devotees on 30th July, 1983 the idol of Vaikuntapathi Shri Vishnu was brought from Jaipur, it is chaturbhuj with kanch-chakr, ghadha and vardha hastha which was installed towards the Southern side of Shri Datta Mandir. This temple project was done under the guidance of Shri Kale Guruji of Nevasa.
  • Samadhis’ of sanths
    Samadhis’ of sanths was constructed on the right side of Shrishanidev murthy and facing north direction. And they are;
    (a) Shyambaba 
    (b) Udasibaba
    (c) Purushothambaba
    (d) Sathpurushbaba and
    (e) Bapu Bankar