Man does not surrender completely anywhere without reason. Without miracles, without experiences, without jolts a man will not fold his hands and place his forehead in complete surrender anywhere. In this modern age, science is racing ahead. Science has progressed beyond imagination. But on seeing the miracles of God Shani at Shingnapur, the age of science has also been spellbound. No matter how much of an atheist a person may be, after seeing the wonders of Shanishingnapur, his mind will undergo a change. And every devotee will surrender before Shaneshchar.

All over India, God Shani is there in various places and especially so in Maharashtra.
But in Shanishingnapur, he occupies a special place. Because of its name as the Shani ‘Deavasthan’, it has become popular all over the world. Upon entering the border of Shingnapur, one experiences a wonderful feeling. The feelings of the devotee become profound. And peace descends upon the mind. Here, no priest or ‘pandit’ annoys the vsitor. All poojas and abhisheks are performed voluntarily. And unlike other places of worship, the priests do not solicit the devotees. They do not fleece the devotees in any way. There are no temples which falsely allure. There is an atmosphere which brings peace and happiness to the mind. A lot of prayer material and items are visible to the eye, but one can take a few things or, it is more than enough to join both hands and bow the forehead in prayer. There are no shopkeepers here who can rob or fleece the devotees. One can take the items needed for the prayer first and then pay later. Also, it is necessary to take the bill for the pooja aforehand. No priest here will ask for the alms (dakshina) for the pooja of God Shani. Nor will there be a beggar.

There will be no jostling and pushing during and after the pooja. One can come at ease
And pray at peace. After seeing such a wonderful atmosphere, all the devotees become very happy. The specialty of this place is that the local people come to the aid of the devotees and ask nothing in return. Innumerable people come here seeking vows and wishes. The trustees come forward selflessly, on their own, and help the devotees without taking any payment in return.