God Shaneshwar is very hot, strong and staunch like Sri Shankar. Shaneshwar is supreme to all Gods. He effect is so extreme that even Shankar had to flee to Kailash because of Shani’s fear.

The king of Ujjain was known for his religiousness, generosity and loyalty. Once by oversight, he blamed Shani Maharaja and due to this he had to suffer all the earthly miseries for seven and half years. Like Vikramaditya, many people who criticized Shanidev had the experience of misfortunes.

Shri Jethabai a rich and big merchant of Jat State came to Shignapur on the insistence of devotees. He saw the idol and uttered ‘how is this idol and how is this God’ ‘How do these people worship and pay respect to such a God’. He blamed God and returned to his car without worshipping. The moment he sat in the car, his nose tip became black. The other persons with saw this and brought it to his notice. He took it lightly thinking that some black thing must have stuck and brushed it with his dhoti. The black spot remained as it was as they traveled and by the time he reached his house, half of his face became black. He tried to wash but in vain. He took treatment from the doctors. This too did not work. He was very much worried and in this state of mind he remembered that some one told him of the black spot while boarding the car at Shignapur and recalled his criticism of Shanidev. Thinking this could be a punishment for the untoward expressions, he returned to Shignapur and after worshipping Shanidev asked for forgiveness. The spot started fading out and by the time he reached house, the black spot vanished totally.

Shri Auti, Mamledar of Newasa came to Shignapur on the orders of Government to publicise ‘War Loan Fund’. People were afraid of him. As they were to pay war fund, many of them left for their fields. Only a few were present who were worshipping Shanidev. Mamledar said to them that they couldn’t avoid the war hazards by worshipping this black God. He told I am devotee of white God. What will the stone do? He said that they all should pay war fund and war tax and get rid of the war disasters by pleasing the white Gods. He warned the villagers to contribute the amount to the Patel who in turn would remit it at Taluka Headquarters. He came home and found that a black boil appeared on his neck. He became restless due to the pains. Doctors tried their best to cure him but in vain. The treatment went on for a year. Some one told him that this might be a curse of Shanidev. At last, he came to Shignapur and performed puja with all the rituals and begged pardon. The eruption then disappeared.

Sri Shankarrao Annasaheb Rajhans of Sonai was the Kulkarni. He came to Shignapur for a Government work when worship of Shanidev was going on. He had to wait till the puja was over. Angered over the delay, he said ‘what do these ignorant people worship?’ A stone comes rolling and people regard it as Shanidev. With these words he criticised God. He then developed unbearable temperature. On completion of the work he was to go to Ghodegaon. His physical condition became so weak that he had to go back to Sonai where he lost his speech. He tried different treatments but in vain. The police sub-inspector of Sonai Sri Prahlad Manohar Atitkar advised him to beg pardon of Shanidev. He vowed to take darshan on five Saturdays and begged pardon. He then regained his speech.