Respected Shri Pradhyapak Shivajirao Darandale Patil prayer to all the devotees of Shani Devata, who have come to Shri Shanishwar Devastan at Teertha Kshetra Shanishingnapur:

“I extend a heart-felt welcome. I welcome, felicitate and greet all of you. The life of humans living in the world is filled with a lot of happiness and sorrow. The mind and life of man is unstable and fickle. In such an ocean of mankind, God Shani occupies an inexplicable and powerful role. In the outside world, the power of Kuber, the symbol of wealth, is pulling mankind towards itself. Agreed that the people of the outside world are scientific, but they are buried in their own makings. Today, America is wielding its materialistic influence all over the world at every stage. But, India’s spiritualism and its science of astrology has cast a spell all over it. But what can be more strange than this? Our Ahmednagar’s populace is regarded as the land of saints all over Maharashtra ever since the respected Gulshan Kumar the director – producer completed, released and popularized the film Suyra Putra Shri Shanidev with a lot of fan fare. Also, since the efforts of the famous singer Smt. Anuradha Paudhwa, who worships Shaneshwar as her brother and Shanishingnapur as her ancestral home land. Ever since the sales of her audio-tapes of the pertaining to and the worship of Shani Devata came into the market, the fame of Shanishingnapur spread not only all over Maharashatra in particular and India as large, but far and wide across the world. And devotees of Shani coming to Shanishingnapur from all over the world, have gained his Divine blessings.

Shri Sahneshwar Devasthan’s Shanishingnapur is famous far and wide as the town of homes without doors. Many miracles pertaining to this entity are famous for their place in The Guiness Book of World Records. Besides this, what more proof is needed? Many skeptic devotees from various other places of worship came and sought to see the religious scriptures. The same was shown to them. However, they were not satisfied. The north Indian Hindi speaking devotees of Maharashtra wanted the religious scriptures in Hindi. In which, they expected social, traditional, geographic, national-unity and religious views. At the outset, they were to be disappointed.

In the end, we sought the help of the famous writer and Principal Dr. Bapu Rao Desai, who was bestowed with the honour by popular Maharashtra State’s Hindi Sahitya Academy . He accepted our request, translated and gave a great shape to the original text by reproducing it into Hindi. In the end, I thank him profusely from the bottom of my heart.

While praying to other Gods, why are you scared of God Shani? Especially when he is your friend and not your enemy? With the sheer pronouncing of God Shani’s name, people break into cold sweat. You take a ‘darshan’ once of him and see for yourself. I have seen that in large numbers, Central Govt. officers, the wise scientists, politicians, doctors, engineers, professors, policemen, personalities of the film and Indian music world come here and surrender themselves and benefit from it. You also come and join them and you also will be benefited.

Dear friends, in the world of God Shani, we have to bring about charitable projects for the devotees of God Shani. In this, especially, we must bring up a 60 bed hospital which will be useful for the poor. Also, a big staying place for the devotees, gardens and more greenery, new roads with trees flanking them and lighting arrangements etc. There is so much more to be done. But I know that all this is possible with the mercy and blessings of God Shani and your help. In the end, on behalf of out Trust and Trustees, I thank each one of you all. Come. Have a glimpse of God Shani. And please help us. Do help the Devasthan with open hands, generous donations and earn blessings. And I’ll ask for condonement if you come into any difficulty. Thank you.”